Friday, May 2, 2008

EBPro Detoxification System for Health

EBPro is Life-Energy available to everyone.
It is considered the best available device for cleansing of toxins in your lymphatic system, detoxifying from damage of electromagnetic fields and pollutants balancing your health.

About Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the more powerful environmental influences. Electromagnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading.
"All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances.” The WHO states.

Electromagnetic Fields and Toxins affect your Health
We all know that daily we are a receptacle of pollutants that populate the ambient. As the amount of toxins in our body keep building up, we may feel tired, unhappy or surrounded by a general feeling of lack of energy. At this point we are faced with the challenge to detour what is preventing us to achieve and preserve total wellness. This is when we know it is time for a foot bath with the EBPro.

How the EBPro Works?
The EBPro creates energy by altering the electron and proton load in the water to create an electromagnetic environment or "Bio-energetically" altered water environment in which the patient places his or her feet to experience the donation of appropriate ions. The donation of appropriate ions increases the body's energetics or simply translated "life-energy".
Within the human body there are energy channels known as meridians. These meridians provide a pathway for energy to flow to or from a particular organ (i.e. liver, kidney, etc.) These pathways begin or end at points on the feet or hands. A person's current state of health is determined by how well the energy in the body flows through those meridians.

Advantages of the EBPro
The advantages of the EBPro over other machines are:
1. The EBPro is the only machine to use energy from direct current (not converted energy) similar to that of the human body.
2. The EBPro also have the ability to run both positive and negative ions. The advantage of this type of bipolar unit is the ability to alter the body's pH by using positive or negative charges. These charges assist the body in every aspect - from its ability to detoxify to its ability to digest.
3. Average treatment time is 18 - 23 minutes. Almost half the time of other machines due to an increase in EB ion production making the treatments more time and cost effective.

Why EBPro?
With the EBPro you get Bionergy therapy and Energy Medicine, because both work at the cellular level. They provide CELLULAR CLEANSING. The EBPro approach allows for the CELLULAR PROTECTION necessary to achieve a life of optimum happiness and joyful health.
Now you can revitalize your system with the new Ion Foot Bath Cellular Cleanse EBPro which has became the most popular whole body detoxification choice because fits in with people’s busy lifestyle.

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